With our ecological, fair and affordable fashion we want to put a sign against child labor and the progressive development of environmental pollution and exploitation.

We are three young students from Solothurn, a small town in Switzerland. Together we founded a small start-up in our basement. Our intention of making ecological and fair fashion affordable for people of our age resulted in our brand Brave®. We see ourselves as a textile refiner brand with our own prints and designs. All chosen products refined by us are made of 100% combed organic cotton, certified by GOTS (see below) and fulfil the requirements of the Fair-Wear Foundation (see below).



Our t-shirts are manufactured by Stanley / Stella® from 100% organic cotton with a grammage of 155g/m2. The process of fabrication complies with the guidelines of the Fair-Wear-Foundation. Furthermore, their products are certified by GOTS. Below are some statements concerning their business ethics such as authenticity, sustainability und contemporary listed.

“We favour organic fabrics that care for your skin and for the environment. And since the planet is no laughing matter, we have obtained the strictest environmental certifications and labels on the market for our entire production chain.” 

“… we work exclusively with exemplary factories that protect rights of the men and women they employ and do their utmost to minimize their environmental footprint.” 

“… we work exclusively with exemplary factories that protect rights of the men and women they employ and do their utmost to minimize their environmental footprint.” 

“Stanley/Stella was conceived from a belief that the textiles industry has to start acting a lot more responsibly. As we see it, change is the only option. And that starts with being aware that every purchasing choice can make a difference. We are committed to genuine sustainability right through our supply chain. Our affiliation with Fairwear Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as our high standard certifications (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX, REACH) prove our commitment to sustainable practices.” 

We reached out that all of our clothes are 100% made out of organic cotton, and the working conditions are fully supervised by the international "Fair Wear Foundation"


Earth Poisitve® is the manufacturer of our carefully chosen hoodies. The products are fabricated of 100% organic cotton with a grammage of 280g/m2. Earth Positive® states itself as a “Climate Neutral Clothing” brand. The most important points in their supply chain consist of organic and ethical standards. Their textile is GOTS certified and comply with the Fair-Wear-Foundation guidelines.

“We understand that the change in the climate represents the sum of all the environmental and social damage done on our planet for the last century. Our mission is to inspire and implement solutions to this climate crisis. The apparel/clothing industry has long been one of the world’s most environmentally and socially damaging industries; EarthPositive® has a single aim, which is to prove that it is possible to produce (cotton) clothing without any detrimental effects to the Earth's soil or water, its inhabitants, whether they be animals, plants or people, or to its climate.

“We hope to lead by example, educate, inspire, motivate. Make the best product, do no unnecessary harm, and ultimately, to use our business to inspire and implement solutions to help reverse the climate crisis.” 

“We have specifically chosen to work in regions where organic cotton is planted and harvested by hand, without mechanization, and because organic farming does not use petroleum based chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide, it is less reliant on fossil fuels.”

“The primary energy source for EarthPositive® apparel is thirty massive wind turbines that generate a continuous source of renewable electricity.”


“Under the Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.) farmers and field workers are protected by stringent social criteria and by the ban on the use of poisonous chemicals that can severely the health of farmers and their families. 

The International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S) was formed as an initiative of leading standard organizations in 2002 with the goal to unify the various existing standards and draft standards which caused confusion with market participants and consumers and were an obstacle to free international trade with organic textiles. 

The Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.) has turned out to be the leading set of criteria in the field of organic textile processing.”


(source: http://www.earthpositive.se/about.html)


The Fair Wear Foundation exists to promote fair labour conditions in the textile industry worldwide. By affiliating to FWF companies commit to implementing and maintaining a Code of Conduct designed specifically for the garment industry.

The Code of Conduct is a contract between the factory and FWF and incorporates the following eight labour standards:


1) no use of child labour 

2) No use of forced labour 

3) Safe and healthy working conditions 

4) Legal labour contract 

5) Payment of a living wage 

6) Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining

7) No discrimination against employees 

8) No excessive hours of work 


(source: http://www.earthpositive.se/about.html)

The carbon footprint (CO2) is the total carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) emitted during the cultivation and harvesting of cotton, fibre processing, textile production, packaging, transportation and warehousing in the EU. The carbon footprint of the manufacturer of our Hoodies (Earth Positive®) has been reduced by up to 90% through a combination of innovative product design, low impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and by using renewable wind power. The Carbon Trust (UK) has provided an independent verification and Earth Positive® was the first textile brand to be able to use their CO2 reduction label as a means of communicating this.

(source: http://www.dynamics.se/brands/earth-positive/)


Low Water Impact

Earth Positive® is manufactured in a region of India that receives up to 95% of its water from the monsoon rainfall. This was a vital detail as the monsoon rain reduces the need for large scale irrigation normally associated with conventional cotton farming, which can deprive the local villages of scarce water resources by draining lakes and rivers and which again would add to the products footprint.

Wind Powered

30 dedicated wind turbines provide the primary energy source for the entire production process from spinning the yarn to finishing the garments. The wind turbines turn wind power into clean renewable energy.


Earth Positive® has a no airfreight policy. They use containerised ocean shipping from India to Europe and USA which also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Biodegradable packaging

Earth Positive® apparel is packaged in biodegradable PVC-free packaging and in 100% recycled cardboard boxes.

What is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral means that the industrial greenhouse gas emissions for Earth Positive® production have been reduced to pre-industrial levels through low impact organic farming and carbon neutral industrial manufacturing achieved by substituting electricity from fossil fuel power stations with clean renewable energy generated by wind turbines.

(source: http://www.dynamics.se/brands/earth-positive/)